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Ultimaker 2 Cover

I wanted to create a simple top and front cover to enclose my Ultimaker 2 Extended to maintain a higher ambient temperature inside the printer for ABS prints.

For the top cover, I decided to buy a Sterilite 16 Qt storage tote from Target (<$3) and design clips to secure the tote to the top of the printer. I punched two holes in the lip of the tote to accommodate the two screws towards the back of the top of the printer.

For the front cover, I ordered a piece of clear acrylic sheet, 12" x 24" x 0.236" that I cut the length down to 16-1/4". I considered printing one of the hinges shared here on YM, but I wanted a simpler solution that didn't leave gaps between the acrylic sheet and the printer's front face. My design uses two fixed lower clips and one removable upper clip.

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