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Richard Horne


Richard Horne (RichRap) is an Electronics Engineer, Product Designer, Salesman, and Problem Solver working in a wide range of industries and applications, across many platforms and technologies for the last 20 years.

My interest and passion for 3D printing started in 2009 after visiting the RepRap project website and reading a series of blog posts by another highly dedicated developer, Nophead.

RichRap started blogging, designing and developing with 3D printing shortly after.

After building up my first 3D printer, The RepRap developments and further adventures in DIY 3D printing Blogger Blog started on Sunday 13th September 2010 and has continued ever since.

I am the co-author of 3D Printing for Dummies – A Wiley publication and hold an advisory board position for the 3D Printing association

I also write for and help produce the RepRap Magazine -

I strongly believe in Open Source technology, collaboration and open innovation along with the freedom to share ideas and designs.

If you need 3D printing advice & help or wish to collaborate on a project, innovation or business idea, do get in contact and let’s talk. 

Twitter or Google+ is the best and most direct ways to get in contact with me.

Contact –

Please join me on Twitter @RichRap3D   -

And on Google+ -

Files and designs shared on YouMagine -

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My Youtube channel is here, all 3D Printing and Hi-Def video content.

My Flickr Page -

For excellent 3D Printing advice and guidance please see the Reprap Forum (PM me if you want to make contact).

My 3D Printing Blog -

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I am no longer active on Thingiverse

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Favored Gyroscopic Snowflake 5 months ago
Favored Spider's Web LED Candle holder 7 months ago
Contributed on Spherium 10 months ago
Carousel thumb spherium working richrap3d
Printed on:
220% in size and it's Awesome!
Thanks for the great model.
Commented on Project Snowflake - 3D Printed LED light sculpture 10 months ago
Hi SpikeUK, that looks really great. I'm pleased it came out well and all fitted.
Commented on BigBox Quick-Fit carriage for Titan Extruder 11 months ago
Hi ccliu, The Z probe uses the same BigBox IR detector system. THis can also be adjusted up and down on the Quick-Fit carriage, so you should be able to set the offset to around 1mm for the V6 or Volcano depending on where you position the sensor.
Contributed on Arrayed Vase 3 about 1 year ago
Carousel thumb richrap carbon vase bigbox finished
Printed on:
This print is Carbon Fibre PETG - This is one of my most favourite Vase models by the very talented David Mussaffi - Water tight and so very strong in CF PETG material - weight is 329g Printed with a Hardened Volcano Nozzle 1.0mm - single wall perimeter of 1.23mm On the BigBox 3DPrinter 7 hours and 28minute print.
Keep up the awesome work, and thank you for sharing.