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Commented on Ubis Metal Hot End Fan Shroud over 7 years ago
Like Jon S Commented, WHICH WAY IS UP FOR THE VERSION WITH THE TWO PRONGS?? It's nice to see modifications/improvements, but when something is made to be installed directional, and no instruction is provided, it leaves people to guessing on orientation. Like Jon, I would guess the prongs go up toward the frame and provide a gap between the frame and fan, IS THIS CORRECT??
Contributed on Printrbot Simple Filament Spool Holder almost 8 years ago
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Printrbot - Printrbot Simple
Good, Printed on Simple metal with Upgraded X and Z Axis in PLA.
Commented on Printrbot Simple Feet over 9 years ago
The rears came up as not watertight in Repetier... What's the easiest way to fix this?? I'm pretty much a newbie in case the question didn't give that away :D