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Abbi and Ritu prepared long ahead to move to Australia and now they truly love residing in Melbourne, Victoria. Ritu and Abbi each have a Business Degree, like a Masters of Business Administration in Finance. Beginning their first start-up in the Food & Beverage Industry, The Guptas realized that they team up very smoothly and one Nandos establishment thrived into two quite fast. When The Guptas made the decision to open a self storage company, Abbi followed the hospitality training to collect the mandatory authorization. The Guptas both possess their specific skills to work super smoothly collectively. Abbi superintends the practical part of the self storage operations and moreover ensures that he's there for all self storage jobs. Supercheap Self-Storage is pleased to be one of the principal innovators in the self-storage business. Our method of mobile self-storage is much more economical , which moderates the storage price. A valuable property is the fact that the portable self-storage pods are assembled in lumber. Wooden planking is constructional robust, yet flexible as well, which is valuable since the wooden planking will cushion the trembling from transferring the storage units. Clearly there is an additional water-repellent protection for the portable self-storage units, as it might rain while they are parked outside of your office. Our self-storage establishment has all the latest surveillance cameras in place. Supercheap Self Storage Melbourne will put in the extra hours to assure that you be given a superior self storage solution anywhere in Melbourne, and that also includes Clayton.

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