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    My UMO+ is my first and (so far) only printer. Upgrades: GT2 belts and pulleys, Tapir fan duct (much better than the original one), bUltimaker firmware with PID heated bed control


Commented on Lars' v2 Ultimaker XY Blocks about 1 month ago
@Curven, I didn't notice the fact that these were designed for 12mm bushing vs. the standard 11mm ones on the UMO+ until you mentioned it. That explains why the bushings were loose in the blocks I printed. However, I solved it by wrapping a strip of paper (a Post-It note in my case) around the bushing a couple of times as a shim. This has been working fine for about 9 months, but I have had to tighten screws once. Recently I added a dab of white glue to the bushings to keep them from sliding. Some Loctite on the screws probably would have helped as well.
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