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    My UMO+ is my first and (so far) only printer. Upgrades: GT2 belts and pulleys, Tapir fan duct (much better than the original one), bUltimaker firmware with PID heated bed control


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@Giacomo Sagone: Yes, you have to mirror one of the left handles to make a right handle. This must have been an oversight by the designer, but easy to fix. I used Meshmixer to mirror the part, but you might be able to do it in your slicer as well.
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I'm finally getting started on a GT2 belt/pulley upgrade for my UMO+ and I saw these v2 blocks. I'm trying the figure out the difference between the regular and "back" XY block. Does the "back" XY block go in a particular position and what is its purpose? Thanks.
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