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Favored bike, moto ducati monster 1200S about 3 years ago
Favored Ultimaker 2 Fan Mount about 3 years ago
Favored DJI Phantom Landing Skid over 3 years ago
Favored Dual Head Ultimaker2 over 3 years ago
Commented on ONEPLUS LAMP STAND over 4 years ago
<p>non eri tra i i primi 20 finalisti come è possibile che sei finito nella classifica finale del contest ?....che imbroglio</p>
Commented on OnePlus VR HeadSet over 4 years ago
<p>i like you disign but,,,,,,,<br></p><p>you were not in the 20 finalist <br></p><p>why you win ?</p>
Commented on OnePlusWheel/Camera Rig over 4 years ago
<p>is to big to be printable</p>
Favored Woven Lampshade over 4 years ago
Commented on Yes You over 4 years ago
<p>Can vote only who are registered for some time (i.e. one month)....</p><p> or only who have create a thing......</p><p>Who are the 20 finalists???</p>
Favored Yes You over 4 years ago
Commented on 1+ Scanning Dock , Movie+Audio Dock DUAL DOCK over 4 years ago
<p>what size must have the printer to be able to print this object ?</p>
Favored Mini Desk/Wall Fan over 4 years ago
Favored Cable guard over 4 years ago
Favored Automatic Plant Waterer 2 over 4 years ago
Favored Socket Knob over 4 years ago