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Skip Meetze


Having retired from Xerox as a Human Factors Engineer, Skip Meetze is co-founder of Rochester e-NABLE Lab where he mentors high school and college students in rapid prototyping and iterative design. Skip collaborates with other e-NABLE volunteer designers around the world, and the current focus is design and development of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that often has limited availability during the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis.


3D printing, Design, Prototyping, Tinkercad, industrial design

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Favored Face Shield for Small 3D Printers - ver3 about 16 hours ago
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Favored BE Mask v1.3.3 (Buffalo e-NABLE Mask) about 2 months ago
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Commented on Espresso Doppio cup & saucer over 1 year ago
We plan to test and develop your tempering procedure on 3D printed prosthetic devices, and it will be nice to use your cup and saucer as controls. Being able to put a terminal device into the dishwasher will add to an amputee’s confidence that their “hands” are clean. I try to design hollow devices with 1.6mm wall thickness (which means no internal overhangs and no infill). A pair of venting holes will also allow water drainage and will allow the same STL files to be used with SLS printing (like Shapeways), but that will require printed plugs to keep the water out when washing. My hypothesis is that this maximizes uniform heat transfer in and out of the part (as with injection molding). Thanks for the excellent tutorial!
Favored Espresso Doppio cup & saucer over 1 year ago