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Commented on Modified SP3D Feeder for MK8 Drive Gear over 6 years ago
That bolt is a good idea!
Published Unlimited Hydroplane almost 7 years ago
Favored Nut fit test sticks. almost 7 years ago
Published Redneck Rocket about 7 years ago
Updated UM2 Belt Tensioner over 7 years ago
Commented on Fan Base UM2 over 7 years ago
I appreciate the contribution to the UM2 users, but did you really have to add the huge "ZETOFF" Logo up front?
Commented on UM2 Belt Tensioner over 7 years ago
*Note: Make sure you re-level your bed after installing. The back tensioner will rub on the Z stage bearing cover (the white box in the back with the ultimaker logo on it) if your bed is too low. Simply raise the bed with the thumb screws a couple of turns until it just barely clears the white cover.
Published UM2 Belt Tensioner over 7 years ago
Favored U2 Bowden to Mesh Cable Clip over 7 years ago
Published UM2 Feeder - SP3D Version almost 8 years ago
Commented on Gauntlet almost 8 years ago
Yes, this is awesome. Best thing since sliced bread. Don't make them like this any more. Top of the line right here.... What is it?
Favored Pocket Ratchet Wrench almost 8 years ago
Favored UM2 - Bowden clip and guide almost 8 years ago