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Francesco Rodighiero


Designer, born in 1977. He studied industrial design at Politecnico di Milano where he graduated in 2003. Since 1998 he has participated in the organization of various art and design exhibitions. After spending some years in Barcelona working on some commercial interiors, he was tutor at the Domus Academy during Interaction Design. He has exhibited in Milan, London, Berlin and Los Angeles. In 2006 he won the scholarship for the first level Master in Bathroom Design at the Polidesign of Milan. Between 2010 and 2011 he received important awards such as IF Design Award, Designpreis and Adi Index. In 2015 he became a member and secretary of the Design For All Italia association. In 2016 he became secretary of the Hackbility association.


3D design, 3d modelling, Adobe Illustrator, Cura, Design, Fusion 360, Photoshop, Rhino 3D

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