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I am an advanced beginner in the world of 3D design and printing. I use Tinkercad because other programs seem too complex for my aging mind, or because I am too impatient :) . Maybe one day I will spend the time to learn a more robust app. My designs usually fill a need for which I can't find an available solution, or because I am curious about an idea I have. I enjoy it when my designs can be a benefit for other people.

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Favored marble run 5 days ago
Commented on Trog - Pivoting Caveman Action Figure 5 days ago
"Hi" to you, Doniya. You opened an 'issue' regarding this design, but only said, "Hi" in the comment. I assume that this was done by accident. Have a wonderful day.
Commented on GE Dishwasher Rack Wheel Axle Replacement (WD35X21041) 2 months ago
They worked great, and as of 24 December 2020, after 50-to-60 wash cycles, they were holding up fine, with no noticeable problems. Unfortunately, I can't say that about the dishwasher itself. It gave up the ghost on Christmas Eve. I now have a new dishwasher, so I can't continue to monitor the lifespan of my PETG wheel axles.
Updated Hanging Soap Tray 2 months ago
Updated Hanging Soap Tray 2 months ago