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Hi! I'm Scott "Thinkyhead" Lahteine, avid maker of software (and sometimes other things). In the late 80's I wrote video games for the Amiga computer, including such notable titles "Dino Wars" and "Bill 'n' Ted's Excellent Adventure." In the 90's and 00's I designed websites and wrote Mac software, including the shareware guitar sequencer "FretPet" and an open source driver for orphaned Wacom tablets called "TabletMagic." These days I'm the full-time maintainer of the Marlin Firmware project ( and moderator of the Marlin Firmware group on Facebook ( My days are spent adding new features, fixing bugs, testing stuff, and engaging with the community. I'd love to see you over at the Marlin Discord (! You can help me to keep Marlin Firmware moving forward by joining my Patreon campaign ( or directly supporting my work through GitHub Sponsors ( You can also find my things at Prusa Printers ( and Thingiverse (
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The new You_ on mobile will come later this year.

Enjoy the RC community of 3D Creators and Drivers on desktop.

See You_ later!