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Udy Regan


A native of Western Australia, Regan Udy owns and operates the Metropolitan Perth franchise of Super Easy Storage; which won an award for best storage business in the territory. Having graduated from Perth Grammar School with a certificate in accounting and being an experienced businessman, he lives by the ‘one man, one life’ philosophy. When he’s not busy running his business, Regan spends time with his wife and friends living it up in the great outdoors. Aside from traveling around and exploring what the Australian Outback has to offer, they avidly participate in numerous exciting activities that include skydiving, boating, running, traveling around the region and parts of SE Asia, trying unusual foods and generally kicking up a good time. The success of Super Easy Storage has grown steadily since it first started in Sydney in 2008 and Regan’s recently opened Perth facility is no exception.


junk removal, self storage

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