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Erik de Bruijn


Erik is long time 3D printing fanatic, has been an early RepRap contributor and is one of the co-founders Ultimaker BV. He created YouMagine while at Ultimaker. YouMagine is no longer an Ultimaker-owned platform, but Erik continues to develop and improve it as a resource for everyone in 3D printing!

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  • Ultimaker 3
    Utm3 small

    Ultimaker 3

    Erik's home UM3

  • Ultimaker 3
    Utm3 small

    Ultimaker 3


  • Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle
    Utm s5 probundle small

    Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

    UM S5 pro bundle

    A production beast!

  • Ultimaker 2+
    Utm2 plus small

    Ultimaker 2+

    Ultimaker 2+

  • Ultimaker S5
    Utm s5 small

    Ultimaker S5

    Ultimaker S5

    Jedi 76 in the GM office 3


Updated Carpart (unofficial replacement item) about 2 months ago
Followed Luis Cordoba over 1 year ago
Published Playful miniature house (dual material) over 1 year ago
Favored K.L.I.K. String sensor sections over 1 year ago
Commented on Christmas Toy over 1 year ago
Nice one. By the way, if people press download (at the top) they will already get a zip with all files. Only in the files section you will download an individual file.
Commented on Strawberry Stem Remover over 1 year ago
Nice one, I printed it!
Favored flowersupport over 1 year ago