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Erik de Bruijn


Erik is long time 3D printing fanatic, has been an early RepRap contributor and is one of the co-founders Ultimaker BV. He created YouMagine while at Ultimaker. YouMagine is no longer an Ultimaker-owned platform, but Erik continues to develop and improve it as a resource for everyone in 3D printing!

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  • Ultimaker 3
    Utm3 small

    Ultimaker 3

    Erik's home UM3

  • Ultimaker 3
    Utm3 small

    Ultimaker 3


  • Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle
    Utm s5 probundle small

    Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

    UM S5 pro bundle

    A production beast!

  • Ultimaker 2+
    Utm2 plus small

    Ultimaker 2+

    Ultimaker 2+

  • Ultimaker S5
    Utm s5 small

    Ultimaker S5

    Ultimaker S5

    Jedi 76 in the GM office 3


Followed Luis Cordoba 10 months ago
Favored K.L.I.K. String sensor sections 11 months ago
Commented on Christmas Toy 11 months ago
Nice one. By the way, if people press download (at the top) they will already get a zip with all files. Only in the files section you will download an individual file.
Commented on Strawberry Stem Remover 11 months ago
Nice one, I printed it!
Favored flowersupport 11 months ago
Commented on Charge port weather cover for BMW i3 / i3s (I01, Mega City Vehicle) about 1 year ago
Nice job, Burning Becks! I don't have the same car brand, but I will keep this one in mind, as I can adjust the OpenSCAD file to my dimensions if this is going to help.
Commented on French Cleat Wall Mounting System over 1 year ago
Your workshop must look pretty awesome. The acrylic has the benefit of being able to see where you're positioning things?
Favored Tensegrity over 1 year ago
Commented on Tablet Holder over 1 year ago
Thanks so much for all your amazing designs shared on YouMagine! I didn't know a single person could design so many nice and useful things!
Favored DJI Mavic Mini recovery buoy over 1 year ago
Commented on Small clothing patch over 1 year ago
Interesting application, did you also so try this with actual fabric? I'm curious to know how that looks. Another interesting approach could be to hot press TPU into fabric.
Commented on Small clothing patch over 1 year ago
Interesting application. Did you use this yourself? Curious to see how it looks combination with fabrics. Heat pressing a patch in would also be an interesting possibility of TPU and similar thermoplastics.