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Good idea!
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This is pretty cool. I had a similar idea. I would be interested in the drive parts for 3mm! A couple of questions: 1. What do you think of fixed wheel distance? I was thinking of setting the wheels a fixed position based on nominal filament size. This would give you a set minimum and maximum "wheel bite". I would loosely QC my filament to make sure it was in the range. I would rather pay extra for decent filament then dealing with adjustments for filament variation. This would also take play out of the gears for retraction. I think you could make a compact dual 1.75mm and 3mm feeder this way. 2. Any overdrive or grind issues? One of my many thoughts for filament feedback was a sensor on the bowden tube measuring force. This could possibly allow you to keep a set force on the extruder. Another idea was simply measuring the filament movement and issuing a pause print if the stepper was driving, but the filament was not moving.
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