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Thanks, I'm having a hard time finding a full set of Parametric gaming dice STLs and most other dice designs have floating overhangs during the print process that cannot be supported because the dice are too small at standard issue gaming size (18 to 23mm). Your beveled style is amazing since it takes away that concern.
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Could you possibly make a Parametric Easy Print version of the d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d% ? This d20 print is awesome and I must have the full set. Please and Thank you!!!
Commented on Dice Tower “La Garita del Castillo San Felipe del Morro” over 3 years ago
What printing specifications do you use to print this? Infill, # of Shells, Type of Supports, etc. Good Job though, a very nice Dice Tower.
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The Lich model has weird columns coming out from the Left hand and both arms. Meshmixer and Printstudio both show these as part of the original model as it is downloaded. But the picture of your painted Lich do not have these. Are the columns intentional supports or is this an error?
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thanks for this model. It was exactly what I was looking for, as I too needed it to make negative space in a different model for an electric Tea Light insert. Very well done
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I have tried printing both the Melee Goblin and Ranged Goblin. While the prints comes out amazing, for the most part, on both there is a problem. In each instance the weapons have a gap in the continuity of their structure. For instance, when I open your Ranged Goblin on Meshmixer or Cura, both programs recognize that the ranged goblin's hand (the one holding the bow, is empty of a continuation of the bow stave and that a goodly portion of the bow stave is missing. The same is true for the melee goblin. Both programs show a missing portion of the mace shaft after exiting the goblin's grip.