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<div>XYZ Workshop began in early 2013, with the aim of making 3D printing accessible to the everyday person from designers, to kids, and mums. The vision was to allow anyone to enjoy that extra level of customisation and call something their own as a departure from the world of mass production that we live in.</div><div><br></div><div>XYZ Workshop is a creative hub for collaboration between different creative enterprises and a teaching platform for 3D printing technology to different interested groups, be it school kids or a person just interested realizing their ideas. We will be working with designers to show case their unique designs, to push the boundaries of desktop 3d printing.</div>

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Commented on Air Balloon Motor for LEGO over 2 years ago
HOLY COW!! I'm blown away!! This is an awesome design! Thank you for sharing
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Tom brookhart, it was designed for the Ultimaker 2 extended was released before the UM3 came out. The UM3 on paper is 5mm shorter than the 2 .. this is because of the new print head is much bigger than before
Updated inBloom Dress by XYZ Workshop over 6 years ago
Updated inBloom Dress by XYZ Workshop over 6 years ago