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Works out just fine. My first prints again with slic3r. Zero deformation and no Z scarring. Glow in the dark ABS Colorfabb XT transparant

Printed on The Ultimaker 2
Contribution to Melodica mouthpiece

Contributed by
Ed Driesen


Quite good (one of my first print).

Printed on Geetech Prusa i3 Pro B
Contribution to Low-Poly Pikachu

Contributed by
Guillaume Ludwig


Construction: Top spiralized in MatterControl 1.6 (1.5's spiralize function is broken) and printed in T-Glase with 0.1mm layer height. Bottom printed in black PLA with 0.1mm layer height and 30% infill and then sanded down smooth and painted with 3 coats of Rustoleum universal flat soft iron and one coat of Valspare flat matte top-coat. Closed the top of the spiral and joined the base and top with Testors clear parts cement. Finish: The picture doesn't do justice to how good it looks in person.

Printed on Rostock MAX Complete 3D Printer Kit
Contribution to SciFi light sculpture

Contributed by