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I was looking for a Dejarik board to use with some existing 3D models that I had of the chess pieces, and this was the best one I could find. I printed it on the Creality CR-10S5 at full size, so it's around 17.5" in diameter. (The chess pieces were printed in resin on an Elegoo Mars Pro 2). I did a fair amount of sanding of the board to smooth it out, but it painted up pretty well!

Printed on Creality CR-10S
Contribution to Star Wars Dejarik Holochess Game Board And Low Poly HoloMonster Game Pieces

Contributed by
Mighty Jabba


I have had to adapt the fixation on the ends of the Bowden mount to adapt the design and use on my Ultimaker 3.

Printed on ultimaker 3
Contribution to Temp Controlled Build Enclosure for UM2

Contributed by


Came out Perfectly. Excellent Idea I Love the Simplicity of it. Instead of an Iron, I used a mini 300w heatgun to mould it to my face starting from the nose, then I did each side of the nose separately. I found the mini heatgun gives me more control and moulds to my face much better. On my Ender 3 Pro with BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo board & TMC2209 stepper drivers. I used these settings: 0.2mm Skirt of 2 lines (0.15mm from model). Printed In ST-PLA (Creality & Elegoo). I find ST-PLA is more durable-flexible and I can re-heat it, straighten it out on a steel ruler & remould again to my face (see foto).

Printed on Creality Ender 3 Pro
Contribution to Mask fitter for surgical masks

Contributed by