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Nice design, encountered some fitting issues but nothing a hot air gun, elbow grease and some glue can't solve. I had to print a longer switch pin, and do some stronger reprint of some parts as they broke during assembly. Printed in PLA in various colours, I found that the parts fitted better if printed without supports.

Printed on Ender 5 Pro
Contribution to Star Wars Lightsaber (Complex version)

Contributed by
Karwoo Tang


Sliced in Cura .2 4layer . Very nice!

Printed on ender 5 plus
Contribution to Tarmo4 Skull

Contributed by
Tonny Hooijer


Printed 0.15 in PLA with good results using a brim on the textured sheet. Usual brim removal hassle.

Printed on Prusa i3 MK3S
Contribution to Makey Robot

Contributed by