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Limitations of the flashforge PLA being found. Came out OK though. Some curling of the print, so will probably heat and flatten. Photo is of the 12 I'd made, as I created the next one with a new 1kg roll of Kiwi3D red PLA+ red. Which was more detailed, less stringy and flatter. Thanks for the fun.

Printed on Flashforge Finder
Contribution to MC Escher Lizard - Tesselating model

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Printed on Ender 3 Pro
Contribution to Portuguese elctrical and water cabinet key

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Printed a 150-mm length for my Hypercube 300. It turns out that the LED strips I have are designed to be cut every 50 mm, so that bit of dumb luck means that 9 LEDs fit with no waste.

Printed on Hypercube
Contribution to 8mm Strip Light Clip

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