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Great design, fits just right ! ( white Polymaker PLA ) It's not warping that much since I only print PLA on UM2Go, so it doesn't get very hot

Printed on Ultimaker 2 Go
Contribution to UM2 Dual Fan Shroud

Contributed by
Mathieu Carrara


The guitar ended up a bit messy. Probably because I selected a small size for the model with the standard 0.4mm nozzle. Printed with the Mark II edition of WanHao Duplicator i3 Plus using standard PLA temperature settings and Prima Select Silver (just gray) PLA.

Printed on wanhao duplicator i3 plus
Contribution to Death Metal Rocktopus

Contributed by


Printed great.

Printed on MakerBot Replicator 2
Contribution to Seadoo 140mm pump tools

Contributed by