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Printed in PLA at 0.2mm with 30% infill, and it printed wonderfully.

Printed on Tevo Tornado
Contribution to Grease Jar

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printed well even as draft. tight fit on jar!

Printed on robox
Contribution to Oui Yogurt Jar Snap-on lid.

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After many failures I noticed I needed a way to get back to "zero" after a power outage or configuration issues. I have updated the program (mlmCnc30) to include the G28 command so that you can now go back to a specific location after a reset (and re-set the zero location). also added a minimal configuration file that is not really to helpful yet. Also I'm changing up my workflow to use flatcam instead of blendercam since its just easier for pcb work. I have added a document (in of the steps I took to go from fritzing to to gcode using flatcam. There are also some example gcode files in there as well. lastly I'm also changing the design of the tachameter to use i2c instead of serial since its more reliable and so it frees me up to use ttyAMA0 for GRBL. in the I have included the fritzing file of the new design, the attiny code, and a python test program to check everything is working on the breadboard before building it. I have not made the changes yet in the mlmCnc code yet but I will add that "soon".

Printed on The Ultimaker 2
Contribution to Mostly 3d printable CNC

Contributed by
Saul Mendoza