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Very good, only some details are to small for the printer.

Printed on MM151 Complete
Contribution to Osprey suppressor

Contributed by
Douglas Zaramella


Good. I made it a little smaller and the two "big ears" are not perfect, but I'm a beginner and the model is fantastic!

Printed on Wanhao Duplicator i3
Contribution to Champions League Trophy

Contributed by
Ernesto Bettinardi


CNBI~1~800~605~8632 MS outlook tech support number Microsoft technical SUPPORT number

Printed on CREATOR DIY kit
Contribution to DaNcE pluS 3+1-800^890^9249 AmAZOn ConTAct NumBeR+AmAzOn com PhoNe NumBeR+phone numBeR FoR AmAzon+AmAZon numBeR AMAZON SUPPORT__02

Contributed by
Jijas Isu