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YouMagine is an online community of 3D printing enthusiasts who wish to work together to share, remix and make better 3D printed things. YouMagine facilitates this community, empowers and gives you the tools you need in order to improve, invent & make.

Uniquely YouMagine is primarily a vehicle for supporting open source creation and wants to be a force multiplier for the entire 3D printing community. Uniquely we are focused on building the entire end to end open source software toolchain to make things malleable.

YouMagine wants CAD & 3D files to be as easy to create, adapt, share and change as text is nowadays.

YouMagine wants CAD & 3D files to be as easy to create, adapt, share and change as text is nowadays. We believe that through collaboration and sharing all of us can make all the things better. Our community members help us each day chase these goals. Each day we iterate, improve and become a little bit better for you.

We’d love to hear from you, please email should you have any feedback on the site or issues with the site.

Developers can integrate with YouMagine.

Are you a developer and want to use our API & integrate with us? Then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with Wilco Niessen at

3D printing and Education

Are you a teacher, student or educator interested in 3D printing? Do you wish to start up a 3D printing project at your school? Or have questions about 3D printing in education? You can get in touch with us at

Meet the team.

Erik de Bruijn

Erik de Bruijn is a co-founder of Ultimaker and the CEO of YouMagine. Erik believes strongly in open source and sharing. He founded YouMagine in order to catalyze online collaboration in 3D printing & design. He is also co-founder of, which allows you to charge your electric vehicle for less while stabilizing the electricity grid at the same time. Twitter: @erikdebruijn.

Jankees van Woezik

Jankees van Woezik is an experienced front-end and Rails developer with a love for writing useful and pretty code for humans. Jankees has a focus on what's happening around him and he works on quite some open source projects. Next to working on YouMagine he is also working on his own time tracking application called Timi. He is also co-founder of with Erik and has created RSSMailer.

Martijn Elserman

Martijn is also a co-founder of Ultimaker and a designer of many things, including the first Ultimaker Original design and many technical developments at Ultimaker.

Valued contributors and/or former team members

Wilco Niessen

Wilco Niessen is our lead developer and heads web app development at YouMagine. Wilco leads our development team and our overall technical architecture. Wilco is a passionate rails developer who has previously worked for various start ups and large companies. He has a deep interest in trying to make large scale web applications. Wilco loves feedback and wants to let our community guide him and his team to make YouMagine exactly as you would like it to be. You can email

Rowan Zajkowski

In 2015, Rowan Zajkowski has done a major redesign of the YouMagine user interface. In many experience possible. His spare time is spend as Co-founder of Timi (an online time tracking tool). You can follow Rowan on Twitter.

Mark Moisette

Mark Moisette is a developer and tinkerer who is passionate about 3D printing and 3D modeling, Open-source and accessible technologies are his way of life. Mark also loves hydroponics, simulations and the RepRap project. Mark is a web application engineer, his dream and goal is to enable you to create, share, remix and discuss designs faster than you can print them! Mark has developed CoffeeSCAD and other open source software and tools for 3D printing and 3D modeling. You can check him out on GitHub here or see his webpage here.

Martijn Versluis

Martijn Versluis has been part of the team since Februari 2015. As a web developer he loves beautiful code and tinkering with new tools and frameworks. But of course he does more than just code and is also a proud father and part of a band as a keyboardist. You can find Martijn on Github and LinkedIn.

Jordy Schreuders

Both as a developer and on a personal level, Jordy is driven by his endless thirst for knowledge. Science and technology have always fascinated him, even as a kid, which eventually lead to a career as a web developer building applications in PHP. If he is not spending his time studying and preparing for world domination, you will find him thinkering in the workshop or climbing up the walls in the local bouldering gym. View his models on YouMagine, talk on Twitter, or watch him progress on Github