058001-00 Ampro ORV Trailing Arm Brace

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058001-00 Ampro ORV Trailing Arm Brace

Well out of the 5 of my ORV cars we own, all have broken rear swing arm shock mounts. After thinking about buying rere parts and knowing that they would just crack in a few weeks again, we decided to rethink the idea.

These caps cover the constantly splitting shock mounts and reinforce them by also mounting to the never-used lower mount on the arm. This not only stiffens the shock mount but also allows you to use ball ends instead of the regular snug fitting shock mount on the standard shocks. For those that haven't noticed, the ball end style mount allows the shock mount to bend far more than the stock shock base. If your mount isn't too bad you can use a longer self-tapping screw. If the mount is cracked or split, you can drill out the hole in the arm and use a nut with a washer on the other end. In some cases, sanding the arm mounts is necessary to get these braces to fit.  Testing showed that any movement of the brace wore down the arm. These must be compressed on with the screws as they are being tightened to the arm. Once installed, the arms will be better than new.

Print these with the flat face down so that there are no supports on the concentric cone face. Some light sanding to remove rough surfaces may be needed. 

Please see the installation video here


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