Bag clip!

This is a clip that you can use to clip plastic bags, for example to keep the items inside fresh.

For your home


A free software license that requires that all work based on this must also be free software as in freely remixable and sharable by anyone under the same license but may be used commercially.

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Video demonstration:

It was designed in Google SketchUp (source format included!), exported to watertight STL with the CADspan plugin. Nowadays you can actually directly export a Collada/DAE file from SketchUp and load that into Cura (which accepts that file format).

The print quality isn't great for this one, but this was back in 2009 :)

Materials and methods

- ABS: I've confirmed that this design works well when printed in ABS.
- For PLA, I'm 90% certain it will work, but not 100%, so leave a comment if you made one.



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