Dice Tower

Drop dice in and they roll out.



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It's a dice tower that looks like a single castle tower or rook.
- Confirmed prints with no support
- Is printed as four individual parts that fit together, no glue needed
- Dual helical ramps with ridged pattern to roll the dice
- Top should fit loose enough to allow twisting
This enables loading the dice into the top with the holes blocked by the helix wall,
and then twisting the top to drop the dice
- Catch tray at bottom catches the rolling dice around 90% of the time ( proximity to unreachable dice sized hiding places may affect efficiency of catch tray )
- Genrally will handle 4d20 or similar volume of dice in one drop
- Dropping dice thought makes a sound that some may find not too loud to tolerate
- Rotating the top counterclockwise to release tends to reduce the rate of runaway dice.

Materials and methods

Use PLA, then if you don't like it it will biodegrade. Also that's the plastic used to test print.
Expect to use around 100 meters of 1.75mm or so.
Designed to be printed at 0.32mm layers with 200% line width. Other options may work fine, that's just the intended detail level.
My print was single line shell, 2 layer top, 2 layer bottom, and 20% rectilinear infill.
Body took about 5 hours, base 4, top 3, disk 1. So expect to spend some time on this.
Really should not need support to print this. My test printer has mediocre cooling and barely acceptable bridging and only produced minimal bridge issues and only at the top of the doorway of the base. The flaws were easy to trim away.



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