Dragon Collection!

Its an awesome dragon collection I found on Shapeways by mz4250. I split up the models so that its easier to download.


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Printed on:
PowerSpec 3D X
Unpainted gold, black, and red (which looked more green like) but great 11/10
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Printed on:
HICTOP RepRap Prusa i3
Completed result after a day of printing the pieces
some of the models needed some rotation to reduce time and material cost without sacrificing quality. Sizes dont quite fit on the Huge tile but are a bit too small for the gargantuan
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Printed on:
Ultimaker 2
Printed with 0.08mm layer height at 60% scale (3-inch base) with supports. Head printed separately.
In the merged model, the head has no back.
F4b8ba5476e1dc6d074660ada675ef89?default=blank&size=40Π’Π°Π³ΠΈΡ€ Π“ΠΈΡ€Ρ„Π°Π½ΠΎΠ² added this to the Dragon collection ago
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Mini katie beholder smallHarrison Baere commented ago

@jastonite Amazing work!

A2350604b218ec96e553f2d41ff99809?default=blank&size=40Jastonite printed this ago
Carousel thumb 4875598366818433924 account id 1
Printed on:
Ultimaker 2
Challenging supports, but overall very nice.
Face normals in body section aren't consistent.
D7e9a1e2c82dd412fc16a6bc03856252?default=blank&size=40Eclipse8804 added this to the D&D collection ago
A2350604b218ec96e553f2d41ff99809?default=blank&size=40Jastonite commented ago

I had to recalculate outside normals on the white dragon body to slice in Cura.

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10d254568e85d24e7261484804627a0a?default=blank&size=40Digict commented ago


Mini katie beholder smallHarrison Baere commented ago

Digict I updated the body per your request. Enjoy!

10d254568e85d24e7261484804627a0a?default=blank&size=40Digict commented ago

Any chance you could split the Green Dragon's body and tail? It's just a bit too large to do in one shot on my printer.

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