elastic powered pellet slinger

a rubber band powered plastic "pellet slinger" &(updated for higher power)


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this evolutionised from my designs which is inspired yet generic of thing by Steward_B penny shooter (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:657648)


This is a low powered vertical low powered slingshot designed to shoot off pellets( also known as bullets)

also just a heads up warning

this can be dangerous if misused which is why you see this warning but follow the guidelines and then its safe

But where ever you use one its important to Be a mature responsible person with self discipline thats ethical , with integrity and handle properly at all times , check your backgrounds( sorroundings) , wear safety gear,like safety glasses be aware of your surroundings & follow all laws & regulations and all proper protocol , also consider the background , wear eye protection and have a backstop when needed do not shoot towards crowds , etc

do not brandish as people might not realise its too short to dangle any arrows or darts and confuse it with a mini crossbow

This is meant for educational , scientific or artistic purposes only which includes engineering & aerodynamics , physics , etc

  • by downloading, possessing, 3dprinting, sharing, distributing or saving these designs
    you agree to the disclaimers and agree to hold the designer harmless of any negligence, any misuse, and is not responsible of any kind of liability this is at your own risk any tragic cases at own peril of the one responsible of such actions and can be held accountable for any liabilities or cases , its everyone's responsible to only use these if you are legally allowed to

             *     (if your not mature enough to handle the risk then stay clear)
  • ( always be aware of your surrounding and do not illegally risk property or children)

  • ( children under 14 might not be mature enough , unless with parental permission )

( and beware of ricocheted pellets)

                                                                   ( CAUTION ,)
(Never point the front ridge at yourself ever )

because if you point the front ridge at yourself and the pellet slips you could shoot yourself causing a sharp sting pain that lasts a few minutes , likely a bruise , and possibly a red compression blister ( which is what the designer calls a pellet blister or a slingshot blister )

(everything must be done with honesty , integrity and responsibility at all times , citations must be used on any packaging or labeling it is everyone's responsibility)

all used under license & with permission though the pellet slinger & the non novelty pellets are property of Tim ( Timster ) Postma of which is originally published these designs here & on pinshape.com though the minnie pellet Tim did design

Materials and methods

*3D print general purpose plastic ( needed for the main launcher but metal will work as well)
*if you not stretching a proper sized rubber band at least 11cm then you might not have enough elasticity bein drawn though full length is best‬
& the size 117B rubber band should be loop folded before attaching to the launcher

* cork or rubber ( for shells) (optional but will make safer projectiles )" note plastic shells are safe when used responsibly & when use protective gear when shooting plastic

• to use grip & drag the pellet with your thumb hard while two handed so the elastic has tension, so it can shoot, this might need a little practice also re-direct so the length of the pellet is under your thumb

* also you don't need to 3D print the elastics but it will still work fine if its 3d printed elastics we would recommend size 117B elastics & fold the elastic in the middle & then attach to both prongs

depending on how much firepower you want you

but be sure to wear something to protect your thumb like for example gloves so you don't get a blister or skin catalysis if you don't want to risk the wear on your skin

also IF its Legal in your jurisdiction, you could go shooting small spiders but do not shot poisonous spiders unless you are willing to take that risk
also, don't shoot spiders you know you can't kill a spider in less than 3 shots if you need to hit it with a shot more than x3 than you need more firepower

but also you will want to do that for the round pellets,
because of the speed of the spiders & so its easier to hit the spiders,



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    Mini imageTim Postma commented ago

    Another Thing about my previous comment to contubue part 2 when i say plain pellets i mean but only plain thats the most basic , simple & primitive &

    Not with any asethetics as long as its just as safe as regular pellets, any pellets that are out of policy are at your own risk , & you agree to hold harmless because we advise whats proper & safe to our standreds by doing such you put on your own risk

    Mini imageTim Postma commented ago

    By the way i just wanted to mention

    I am not against people designing their own pellets with intregty of this idea , but the actual pellet slinger is a strict no diverative policy because theyre is no intregty in doing such with the pellet slinger because that part is still not waived by the license

    I do however require to respect others ideas, the plain pellets are fine as long as your not stealing others work in the process as per terms of documents

    Mini imageTim Postma published this design ago