FREECCANO! It's a Meccano-like playset but free!

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FREECCANO! It's a Meccano-like playset but free!

Soooo, I was making some screw threads in Blender to update a couple of the arcade parts and got thinking about fixings and connectors and then, well, Meccano.
Before I knew it I had made a set with fifty-odd pieces and a storage box. I have four children and this kind of thing is a kid magnet, plus it's super helpful being able to print/reprint parts.
Check out the pictures and you will notice I have grouped the parts into sets (A to E) that can be printed on 200x200mm beds and I would recommend printing some, if not all, sets twice.
If you have a smaller print bed or want access to the individual parts then they are zipped up into the same sets but are seperate STL files inside.
If there is a demand for 150x150mm sets or just other requested parts I will return to this project again.
Happy building!


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