Full Set parts for Pro-line 1973 Bronco

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Full Set parts for Pro-line 1973 Bronco

By RCNerds

The Full Set parts for Pro-line 1973 Bronco includes:

RCN272 Grill 
RCN273 Light Lenses 
RCN274 Mirrors 
RCN275 Emblems 
RCN276 Tailgate handle 
RCN277 Tailgate plate holder
RCN278 Rear window handle 
RCN279 Rear light buckets 
RCN280 Rear light lenses 
RCN281 Wipers
RCN282 Door handles 
RCN283 Front bumper
RCN284 Rear bumper 

To glue this item to other item or lexan body, best use shoe goo glue. Its strong elastic and safe for lexan and paint.

To make this light lesnes more transparent You can polish it with 600- 1200 sandpaper and paint with Tamiya X-22

Those parts are suitable mostly for resin printes



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