Iron Man Arc Reactor

A chest light to be worn under a shirt to look like Tony Stark


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    I made this model and wore it to the SLC Comic-Con 2014. There are two models - the top cover and the "LED holder". The LED holder is more complicated than it needed to be, because I decided to add "dimming" of the LEDs, driven by a microcontroller. I didn't want to spend the money to make a circuit board, so the soldering was done on the back side of the LED holder.

    Notes on building:
    There are lots of holes for LEDs (I used blue). I wired them into 3 banks of LEDs. Since I used a microcontroller, I controlled the banks via MOSFETs, but if you just wanted to turn on the lights, you could just drive the LEDs straight off the battery pack. I kept the battery pack in my pocket, with a cable running up the inside of my shirt to the device. I used an elastic strap to hold the device in place (I ran the strap over one shoulder and under the other arm - running it across my chest made it look weird). I used a small amount of (unused) toilet paper on the inside of the top cover to diffuse the light. When I made it, I did not bother to add a back cover, so I had some electronics touching my undershirt. Over time, it felt a little warm, and tickled somewhat. I don't think the voltage was high enough to notice - I think it was simply something touching slightly.

    I do not own the rights to the Marvel Universe. However, I made this model from scratch, by looking at pictures online.

    Materials and methods


    -These 3D printed parts

    -Battery pack (I used a total of 5 AAs wired together)

    -Battery cable

    -Elastic strap and safety pins

    For less-complicated electronics:

    -28 blue LEDs

    -resistors to limit current (such as 14 50 ohm resistors - 2 LEDs per resistor, or there are
    other configurations)

    For more-complicated electronics:

    -28 blue LEDs

    -14 50 ohm resistors

    -2 MOSFETs (one to control the bank of 16 outer LEDs, one for the middle bank of 8 - the
    inner 4 were powered directly from the microcontroller)

    -PIC16F629 microcontroller

    -22 uF 16V capacitor on the input power



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