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MasterSpool for 3D printing Filament (V4)

This is a proposed idea for filament manufacturers to supply just filament on simple coils - held with paper/card and zip-ties - then users load onto the 'MasterSpool' for use in 3D printers.

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The idea for a full size filament spool, that could be used as a 'MasterSpool' came from a small 2-piece Filament Spool by Dingoboy71


This is a 'MasterSpool' For 3D Printing filament -

MasterSpool Version 4 upgrades / changes and improvements

14th Feb 2018 @RichRap3D
Improvements from user feedback.
Now three positions for 1.75mm and a really nice 2.85mm end slot that's easy to load and has just enough friction to hold the end well.
Really easy to use tie-wrap system – for 2.4mm to 6mm+ tie wraps – zip-ties, reusable tie-wraps and 'velcro' straps.

The model files are designed for both small & bigger nozzles. Ideal for chunky layers (0.25 or 0.3mm layers)

It is a quicker print time for both sides A and B

Edges are now 5.6mm wide and are also flat/smooth (not rounded) they roll really well on bearing type filament spool mounts.

Lighter, stronger locking of both sides together – you may need to give then a really good first twist to align up the holes – after that it should always be a nice tight fit.

I have also added a PDF document of the key dimensions of the spool and also the refill coils – this was the most asked question from people who had not yet downloaded the model file.

Hopefully V4 is the 'final' version – you can always make any desired changes for your own requirements yourself. FreeCad files of the spools are also included in the download files.

Older information below - Ignore unless you are interested -

Update Feb 6th 2018 -

Version 3 is now uploaded - do let me know if you have any problems or have feedback about the design - Version 2.1 has been tested with a coil of filament from Das Filament - it printed this Version 3 for further testing and quality of life improvements.

V3 has a slightly smaller diameter - 198mm so it can be printed on many more 3D printers

Used less material to print

Has integrated zip-tie / tie-wrap grooves all around the spool - you need to slightly twist the parts to align up the zip-tie sections - that's intentional to allow easy unload and some resistance on the coil when in use.

End of filament management - on the side for 1.75mm and a loop for both 1.75 and 2.85mm

Update Jan28th 2018 -

Updated Jan 28th 2018 - The Original STL files for MasterSpool had a few problems for some people - the final export was a little messed up, sorry about that.

I have now simplified the design and added the new V2 files up on YouMagine and Thingiverse

V2R1 is also uploaded - that just adds slots for three Tie-Wraps around the main PART A cylinder - Ref : @FishyFilaments

Quite a few people asked about the critical dimensions for MasterSpool (750g version) - so here they are -

Outer spool diameter is 202mm

The inner ring diameter for the filament coil is 102mm

The mounting hole size is 52.5mm

For the 750g Spool the width of the filament coil is 46.7mm

For a 1Kg or 500g filament coil the width (46.7mm) is the dimension you would change to make a different, but compatible MasterSpool for other weights (that will not stay true for very heavy filaments like copper, bronze etc.)

Blog post about MasterSpool over here - https://richrap.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/masterspool-proposed-standard-for-3d.html

The idea is to only ship coils of filament from manufacturers - then use a 'MasterSpool' to use them on your 3D printer.
Lower shipping costs, less packaging.
No plastic spools to recycle (they are usually ~300g)
More details and an overview Video on my Blog post here -

The original 2-piece Filament Spool by Dingoboy71 can be found over on Thingiverse - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1738730

Materials and methods

Print out as required - PET / nGen or even PLA is fine.



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1075bd37cd51ff3e2a57ef42e6346e7c?default=blank&size=40Marek Žehra commented ago

I like the idea and design of this spool, but I have 2 in 1 proposal. Basic idea would be "make it smaller" or "make smaller version available". How I mean smaller? It means smaller outer diameter to fit "smaller" printers. We can go even further and support smaller amount of filament, than 750g.

  • Reason 1: In my case, I have access to printer with build area around 300x300 mm, but printers I have at home are all around 170 mm (for example: delta with 170 mm diameter and cartesian with 180x180 mm real print area).

  • Reason 2: Don't need whole ~1kg of filament. This would need support from filament manufacturer, but I saw it once. One local manufacturer made series of spools in weight 250g and I absolutely loved those. Because I'm not heavy printer and most of my prints use small amount of filament. Small spools are ideal for storing and amount of filament on them is just fine for most prints. I have full cabinet of spools I don't want to use, just because I don't like that filament anymore, or it's degraded by time. I have printed mostly half of filament from it.

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End of filament management : could you put 3 or 4 slots instead of just one ? That way, the end of the filament will be kept close to the spoll, and we won't have up to 10 inch floating around!


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Mini imageTim Postma commented ago

I wanted to mention i like how your helping preventing waste but you also need to think of larger spool sizes in addition to these ones such as 2.2kg spools , 5kg spools ,10 kg spools , 20 kg spools & 25kg spools all of which should be available with masterspools

Even though orginally in january i did have a idea for a masterspool even though i had a idea to invent my own version of the masterspool , what your doing is beyond the capablity of what version i was at first thinking of

Finally This is a idea for you, in case you couldnt get the chance to reiceve my tweet on my twitter @TimPatAlPostma

80d52341abeead4e955de2b6bdc2de5c?default=blank&size=40Gary Tolley - Grogyan commented ago

Small error in the #MasterSpool text, Part_B, some areas have higher raised areas than others.

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F4487fdfd45f52812be19af8ae2bd0dd?default=blank&size=40Nordisk Man Tanner commented ago

Why are the print settings missing? What layer height is good? 0.2? 0.25?

Mini camerinCamerin commented ago

Maybe it would be good feature to have 6 or so tie wrap slots cut into the side and into the center. This would allow for rebanding of the partially used fillament and would allow manufacturers to spool on the master spool, tie wrap and remove the fillament.

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