Nefertiti - in sections up for 3D printing full sized

The Nefertiti model is cut into four easy to print sections, no support material required, just some glue


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You can read my Blog post on this model, printing and finishing tips -

Also a video can be found here and on Youtube -

Materials and methods

3D Printing filament - Material of your choice
Some time and a big enough 3D Printer :)



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I'm planning to do this now at 85% to fit on ender3 pro.

I have managed to slice in Cura and remove bottom layers so can fill with plaster OK!

Next, I've managed to turn on Spiralise mode for the headdress, however, I'm concerned about how the printer is going to manage the overhang of the top section, if it's hollow :~Z

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for that? I can see I'm printing it having the bottom of the headdress model on the bottom, and vase mode all the way to the top.

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Printed on:
XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 Pro
reduced 50%, ABS 0.1 mm.
Nefertiti Top Part A Left Side Rtp and Right are too big for a 100 % printing in a Da Vinci.
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Printed on:
Wanhao Duplicator i3
Excellent result. Used plaster only in the bottom section for weight and stability.
I gave it several coats of primer and filler and only sanded down the skin sections. I painted it as per the original with acrylic paints. I think I will also give it a coat of lacquer just for protection.
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MakerThink Knight 3D Print Workstation
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Mini commented ago

может, по-русски?

maybe in Russian?


Вторник, 12 апреля 2016, 1:08 +03:00 от YouMagine - Supercomputer


Sergey Tur joined the conversation on Nefertiti - in sections up for 3D printing full sized:

Hi! Thanks for the offer. Some will post.

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Mini img 4121Sergey Turulin commented ago

Hi! Thanks for the offer. Some will post.

Mini commented ago


I've seen your work on YouMagine. they are very interesting. can put on my project ? they learn more people and it's fun.

good luck in your business!

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B071d087a08665aaa117f5a7381b2958?default=blank&size=40Andy Myhr commented ago

I would love to have this model but with the sculptures damage repaired. Anyone know of one?

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Printed on:
RepRap Prusa i3 - self-sourced/built
I had to cut the model into 11 pieces so it fitted my standard Prusa i3 (200 X 200 Y 220 Z build space), printed with a 0.4 mm nozzle. After printing the parts I filled them with plaster and glued them together with epoxy. Then I sanded down the joint and gave it a coat of Zinc primer and sanded down the model very lightly to preserve the 3d printer artifacts. Finally I gave the model 3 coats of golden spray paint.
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Mini img 4121Sergey Turulin commented ago

Hello! I want to print this Nefertiti sculpture bronzeFill. Do you have a file STL solid model? I do not want to do a large size. I have the desire to make "bronze" and accurately process.

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