Pickle Jar Bird Feeder

A screw on lid complete with perch and aperture that in conjunction with a used pickle jar form a bird feeder.

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This alternative jar lid in conjunction with an old pickle jar creates a birdfeeder.

The pickle jar opening is ~70mm in diameter with a threaded exterior being ~10mm high.

Rather than a completely threaded lid interior the lid interior consists of four 10mm ridges with a 5 degree slope with one mounted at each of the four main cardinal points.

At the location were the rim of the jar meets the stop in the lid, a ridge is created which will accomodate an O-ring to produce a seal to reduce the ingress of rain water entering around the jar to lid rim interface.

The roof of the lid is inclinded at an angle of 10 degrees, both to ensure feed does not sit at the back but gravitates to the front of the feeder and for any moisture to run to the front to exit via a drain.

In conjunction with this a dome sits in the centre to manage the flow of feed.

This particular bird feeder is designed to be mounted vertically with a number of different mounting options.

1: Flat vertical surface.
2: Vertical Right angle edge.
3: Vertically mounted pole.

This is accomplished with a flat vertical mount (FVM), in conjunction with an attachable V block which enables multiple mounting options using screws and/or cable ties.

The FVM attaches to the feeder lid on two slider rails, enabling the feeder to be easily removed for filling whilst leaving the mount in place.

Additionaly, a 6mm hole in the feeder body which aligns with the main flat vertical mount enables a bolt with nut (alternatively Clevis Pin/Cotter Pin/Hair Pin/Dowel Pin arrangement), to be inserted to hold the two elements securely together.

Complete build details can be found here:

Materials and methods

Print Details.
Filament: PLA+ Green
Layer Height: 0.15mm
Infill: Tri Hexagon
Infill Density: 70%*
Shell Wall count: 5*
Base Adhesion: Skirt
No supports

*Infill Density and Shell wall count are a compromise between strength and durability for external use coupled with print time. Keeping cavities small and moving them closer to the centre of the model with thicker walls and a lower print time whilst maintaining robustness.

However, for ultimate strength using an infill density of 100% results in much longer print times.

Print Time with these settings.
Feeder Lid: ~12Hrs
Main flat vertical mount: ~3Hrs
Vblock: ~5Hrs

Print times may vary from those listed due to variations in hardware, software and other settings.

For longterm use utilise certified compliant food safe materials and practices regarding the filament, nozzle, bed and application of surface coatings etc.

The elements in the files are orientated as they will be printed.

Post Processing
Some sanding may be required to remove surface aberrations and widening of openings for the screws.

Additional Parts
70 mm silicone jar seal rings (no affiliation, feel free to use an alternative).
2 x M4 X 12mm machine screws to attach flat vertical mount to the Vblock if required.
2 x cable ties (5mm width max), length to enable it to be attached to the chosen post.
M4 x 40mm bolt and nut/wing nut. (alternatively Clevis Pin/Cotter Pin/Hair Pin/Dowel Pin arrangement)

Where cable tie fixings are not used, M4 screws of other lengths will be required subject to the support material.

This is dependant upon how the bird feeder will be mounted.

1: Mounting on a flat surface.
Identify the mounting location, mark the holes (3 holes are provided) through to the underlaying surface, use 2 or 3 as required and fix in place with M4 screws.

2: On a corner.
Option 1:
Identify the mounting location, identify the Vblock middle two holes and mark through to the underlaying surface and fix in place with 2 x M4 screws of suitable length to suit the material.

Option 2:
Identify the mounting location, identify the Vblock side holes and mark through to the underlaying surface and fix in place with 2 x M4 x 25mm max. screws of suitable length to suit the material.

For either option fix the FVM to the Vblock using the two outer holes on the FVM with 2 x M4 x 12mm machine screws.

3: On a post
Using one of the side slots in the Vblock push a cable tie of suitable length from the back through to the front. With the flat side of the FVM facing the Vblock continue to push the cable tie through the slot in the FVM that aligns with the Vblock. Continue to push the cable tie on through the centre and out through the side slot in the FVM. Push the cable tie through the aligned slot in the Vblock until it protrudes from the back of the Vblock.

Repeat the process with the second cable tie.

Adjust the cable ties for equal length and press the FVM against the Vblock.

Fix the FVM to the Vblock using the two outer holes on the FVM with 2 x M4 x 12mm machine screws.

Align the Vblock on the post and tighten the cable ties.

Prepare the jar by washing and removing the label and dry before use.

Fill the jar with a suitable bird feed (suet pellets in this case), and attach the lid to the jar.
In all cases align the two slots on the back of the feeder lid and slide over the FVM. Through the 6mm hole aligned with the two elements fix in place with an M4 x 40mm machine bolt/ wing nut or alternative options previously described.



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