Plugs with openscad

Plugs with openscad, they allow you to change the model to what you want in your ears.



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UPDATE: The plugs now can have an STL model taken from them, so you can do 3D models with it, or you can take out a logo that is not part of fontawesome. Next I will make it so you can also subtract a png

If anyone here wants to learn a little bit more about how to use openscad I made this video. The same skills can be used to make anything that you want though. I even left in the parts where I mess up so that you know where things can go wrong.

Materials and methods

PLA is the most bio safe, so if you are worried about that then you should use PLA

If not you can have a bit more fun and print in a flexible material! This makes it nice to sleep with and easy to put in.



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