Printable Wrench reworked

Redesigned print-in-place wrench!

3D printer parts and enhancements

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So we´ve already done the "print-in-place" wrench and it works. With this one i wanted to see if i could make it so i could take it to the next step and add some force to the ecuation. In other words can it be used for actually tightening a bolt??

My intention is to print this in T-Glase because ABS will flex too much. Haven´t done it yet though. The one in the pictures and video are printed in ABS.

WORD OF WARNING: Be prepard of failure, this is not an easy print. Only try this if your up for an experiment! It will be hard to get the parts loose but it´s not impossible!

As always, i´ve posted a STEP for those who want to edit this to their own delight. If anyone wants another filetype, or TopSolid 7 source file just let me know!

Materials and methods

Printed Wrench



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Machine Raise3D N2+ modified

3 shells

60% honeycomb infill

Formfutura Black ASA

supports still on

skirt only platform

Printed nice and most supports came out easy. The tab up to that ls into the moving channel was pretty hard to remove. I recommend adding a place for a hex key in the worm gear portion to help the initial break free. other than that after getting it to move it worked wuite nicely.

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Awesome print! Can't believe it actually spins too. Way cool. If you do another revision, maybe add some grooves to the teeth? But other than that, A++

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Printed on:
Monoprice Maker Select
It's not clear from the description that the bits the print on the ends of the wrench head are intended to be pulled out before operation. Maybe add some basic assembly directions post-print?
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Mini kayKayle-Ann Lee Chee printed this ago
Carousel thumb wrench1
Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
Supports came out flawlessly, just a few taps. Very little cleaning up needed. Excellent result for a great print to show case.
Mini kayKayle-Ann Lee Chee printed this ago
Carousel thumb wrench
Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
Mini kayKayle-Ann Lee Chee printed this ago
Carousel thumb wrench
Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
Excellent Print. Had to use abs slurry to keep the ABS on the print bed as glue wasn't doing it this time. But perfect after that! Printed at 0.2 mm
Mini p1040378Daniel Norée published this design ago