Ratcheting Cable Clamp

This is a simple clamp for holding bundles of wires, cables, or even pneumatic hose.

For your home

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I printed in abs at 20% rectilinear infill but I set every 5th layer to print solid for added rigidity.

Be aware that one of the parts is oriented upside down in the model, so if you print it as provided then you are trying to make a cantilever over air. Just remember to flip the part!

Materials and methods

Hardware Required:
(1) #8 x .75" long bolt
(1) #8 nylock nut
OR You could probably substitute a Zip-tie for the bolt



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Carousel thumb 2015 02 27 11.38.39
Printed on:
Prusa i3
Perfect. Just drilled out the hole slightly to fit an M5 bolt.
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