Screw sorting tool

It sorts screw



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Screws fall trough the holes when the trays are stacked and shaken, and become sorted by size.



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3bfaff92c540447b677fd1f2b0c09ef5?default=blank&size=40Quim Laurens added this to the altres collection ago
Mini silversilver commented ago

Reiner BΓΌhl: I figured that a screw would probably not fall through a hole exactly matching it's size, so sorting be exact screw size would not possible. The smaller trays will help sort small eyewear screws, laptop screw, ABS toy screws, PC screws, and maybe old mac screws. The bigger sizes would probably not work as well for screws, but might still be useful for fish tank rocks or something.

Mini reiner 001 2Reiner BΓΌhl commented ago

Are the different trays for certain sizes? What types and sizes of screws does this work with?

Mini silversilver published this design ago