Spool holder mounter to an aluminum 2040 profile (FreeCAD source)

Put your Creality spool holder to an aluminum 2040 profile with M5 screws and T-nuts!



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Mount your Creality spool holder with bearings to an aluminum 20x40 profile with M5 screws and T-nuts!
Quick release is available.

spoolholdermounter.FCStd is FreeCAD source. SHA 256 checksums:
88af76289589d76ed022cebd4b8c33d4ce34f82c93b39ba2449d2c612808b304 spoolholdermounter.FCStd
4ea94e20a46b7d7176622ad37ef2b573a069159a2cd338ee6d32156fd8945edf spoolholdermounter.stl

Materials and methods

Material: PLA
Layer Height: 0.2
Wall Thickness: 1.2
Top/Bottom Thickness: 1.2
Infill Density: 15%



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