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make use of your empty filament spools for storage

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Kudos to didierkl for the original idea!

Why not use empty filament spools for storage of all the small parts that are laying around? These boxes fit into most of the 750g spools with a core hole of 52 mm and 200 mm outer diameter (105 mm inner diameter).

The bottom frames are pluggable and have a small rim to prevent the boxes from falling out. No glue needed. The assembly can freely rotate inside of the spool for easy accessibility.

There are three sizes included, 30, 45 and 60 (degrees). Any combination is possible as long as the sum results in a full 360 degree circle (see pictures).

The connector can be used to stack several spools.

I use them for spools from FormFutura with the dimensions mentioned above. It should be possible to scale the parts a bit, if you have empty spools with slightly different dimensions. Step-files are included.

Materials and methods

an empty filament spool and some PLA



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Now is something that I wouldn't mind getting done for myself to help keep my shop neat! Now just to tweak it a little so that you can stack it a little better and maximise the use of the workspace!

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