Star Wars Lightsaber (Complex version)

Inspired by the Star Wars Lightsaber. This is a full scale Lightsaber made out of more than 14 pieces (complex version)!


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This is the complex version, there's also a normal version! Find it here:

This is the complex which is made out of more than 14 pieces! Jacky, aka Valcrow, created this model for Ultimaker and wrote a guest blog about it. It's interesting to read because it shows the differences between the simple and complex version, tips & tricks on how to print it and also how to assemble it. Read it here:

Update! New blog written by Jacky about painting 3D prints, including a sweet video tutorial:

Model is hand painted by Valcrow from


  • Span1
    Lightsaber Axel
    STL  β€“  500 kb
    1:23 h  β€“  7 g  β€“  34×34×59 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Blade
    STL  β€“  820 kb
    3:29 h  β€“  12 g  β€“  37×37×186 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Blade Midsection
    STL  β€“  740 kb
    3:10 h  β€“  11 g  β€“  32×32×168 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Bladetip
    STL  β€“  860 kb
    3:26 h  β€“  11 g  β€“  32×32×185 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Clamp
    STL  β€“  610 kb
    2:58 h  β€“  16 g  β€“  52×42×52 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Disk Spacer
    STL  β€“  25 kb
    0:06 h  β€“  1 g  β€“  37×37×1 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Disk Spacer X 2
    STL  β€“  25 kb
    0:06 h  β€“  1 g  β€“  37×37×1 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Dring Jig
    STL  β€“  160 kb
    Updated on 01-04-2016  β€“  0:20 h  β€“  2 g  β€“  37×30×5 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Emitter Bearing Inner
    STL  β€“  250 kb
    0:37 h  β€“  3 g  β€“  35×35×16 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Emitter Bearing Outer
    STL  β€“  660 kb
    1:10 h  β€“  7 g  β€“  54×54×24 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Emitter Lens
    STL  β€“  580 kb
    1:23 h  β€“  7 g  β€“  38×38×29 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Heatsink
    STL  β€“  3.1 mb
    2:57 h  β€“  17 g  β€“  42×42×70 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Innards
    STL  β€“  220 kb
    1:07 h  β€“  5 g  β€“  32×31×41 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Knobs
    STL  β€“  400 kb
    0:26 h  β€“  2 g  β€“  22×41×12 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Lightbulbs
    STL  β€“  190 kb
    Updated on 01-04-2016  β€“  0:58 h  β€“  4 g  β€“  13×15×52 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Pinwheel
    STL  β€“  1.3 mb
    0:57 h  β€“  5 g  β€“  42×42×11 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Pummel
    STL  β€“  1.2 mb
    2:26 h  β€“  15 g  β€“  51×49×36 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Riflegrenade
    STL  β€“  4.7 mb
    5:16 h  β€“  29 g  β€“  41×41×93 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Switch
    STL  β€“  88 kb
    0:32 h  β€“  0 g  β€“  5×10×29 mm
  • Span1
    Lightsaber Switch Pin
    STL  β€“  24 kb
    0:21 h  β€“  0 g  β€“  5×5×20 mm
  • Span1
    STL  β€“  13 kb
    1:20 h  β€“  8 g  β€“  121×47×24 mm
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Carousel thumb 20170120 obi wan lightsaber 00033
Printed on:
Ultimaker 2+ Extended
Was really easy to print.
I had to use the revised pin and switch.
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E12659694958237298fa32953d498f06?default=blank&size=40Michal Nemček commented ago

For what is Lightsaber Dring Jig part?

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29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

@pugbully You can find the instructions and design philosophy here. For a quick assembly guide simply refer to the painting video we assemble it at the end.

7646c308c2df9e658bbc3f05c02b6756?default=blank&size=40pugbully commented ago

I cannot seem to find the instructions? All links just go to a blog home page rather then the actual instructions. Can anyone help?

B50e75e5b601ba63c2365d9e5ff10e1b?default=blank&size=40mrwakuhn printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 5062 5045 cropped
Printed on:
Folger Tech Kossel
I like how it turned out; the tutorial on painting was a big help.
I modified the disk spacers to flex a bit, making it easier to assemble.
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Mini imageMilamber18 commented ago

I did finally download that one. It worked a lot better but I still ended up breaking it.. Possibly my fumble fingers though.

29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

@milamber18 There is an updated switch here: might have been missed with the comments pushing it down:

Mini imageMilamber18 commented ago

The pin and switch were rather painful to deal with.

Mini imageMilamber18 printed this ago
Carousel thumb 71
Printed on:
Printed with a SeeMeCNC Eris. .1mm
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89f98cd8916c8b43f95a274cad586ef0?default=blank&size=40Nathan Duncan commented ago

Fantastic model, unfortunately the Lightsaber Switch & Pin aren't to scale with the rest of the model

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Printed on:
Ultimaker Original+
The locking mechanism has troubled me a lot. I did not get the retractoin steady
The lighting tip did not work out for me
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Printed on:
Makerfarm - Prusa 8 "i3 Kit
Some trial and error on Material and temperatures. Never got ABS to print the clamp or Riflegrenade without separating. Reprinted those in ABS and used the revised pin/switch and it turned out really well for a first try by a rank beginner. All printed at .12 layers normal speed so it has some artifacts and blobs. Will be reprinting entire thing in gray,black, and bronze/gold abs at much lower speeds for one to detail and weather.
Thanks for the awesome design!
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29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

PSA - This is a longer switch with additional bits for proper cooling.

@jayLuvLL - The delamination and build-plate sticking issues are unfortunately ABS problems as are the grenade overhangs. I had a Up mini to use for a while and there's just no adjusting anything on that printer, it either works or it doesn't. It was difficult to make small pieces of anything on it, but it was decently good at larger parts. Ironic being that it's a mini :P

This model was designed to be printed on PLA however, and you may experience issues as you have with ABS.

Here is a recent print from a UM2 on PLA:

The overhang angle of the grenade should be able to print fine without supports as long as you have proper cooling.

The disk spacers can't be thicker or it'll mess with the fitting. You may actually need to trim off part of the disk spacer to make space for the buttons sometimes if it doesn't fit. Any thicker and it will push the grenade and heatsink a little too far out to fit nicely in the clamp.

Finished piece looks great regardless!

Mini newlogosquareJayLuvLL printed this ago
Carousel thumb 3
Printed on:
PP3DP - UP! mini
Great design, very well put together model with good tolerances between parts and an excellent finish.
The securing pin is a little too short, and shears very easily. I had to seek an alternate part, a slightly lengthened pin, on ThingiVerse designed as a replacement. I would recommend a different way of securing the switch. The tolerances on the stem connector to the grenade are a little tooo tight - I've printed three of this model, and on two it's snapped clean off after a few connects and disconnects. The Emitter Bearing Outer part quite often delaminates on the flat, underneath section (the side facing "forward" when fully assembled") while sanding. I needed Bondo to fill it and sand back all three times I printed it. The tiny lip on the Pinwheel part nearly always deliminates, it's simply too thin. Would recommend making it thicker, or coating in resin/glue before sanding to strengthen it. The bottom of the pinwheel also turns out very messy - wuld recommend a bottom breakaway "disc" that it could print on to eliminate strings and issues. The Disk Spacers are way too thin, they broke every time I tried to remove them from the bed. I had to increase their size in the Z axis by x3 in order to make them more durable and useful. The Grenade part is very hard to sand and finish, as it has loads of overhangs and a very rough appearance in all those little nodules. I recommend finishing this part with acetone vapor smoothing, rather than sanding. Rest of the assembly was a dream, very well fitting and strong. After showing a colleague my own model, I immediately had requests for two more!
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Printed on:
Leapfrog - Creatr
cool design and excellent explanation.
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Mini render5 jpgLaurent FRANCOISE printed this ago
Carousel thumb lightsaber
Printed on:
SeeMeCNC - Rostock MAX Complete 3D Printer Kit
Very nice !
Printed with white PLA, mostly with 0.15mm layer. The riflegrenade was not easy to print (a lot of overhang), maybe it would have been easier with ABS. Printing the two small parts was challenging, the switch pin could be stronger. The assembly of the parts is very clever.
Mini tnealcoolusername commented ago



29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

@coolusername no, they are meant to be printed together. (assuming you're talking about the little round piece at the base) This is to help tall blade piece stay on the bed. Think of it like a brim that holds the blade to the bed 1cm above the base so that it has less of a chance of being ripped off by the print head due to the leverage it gets at the top.

You need 3 blade sections, one at the base that connects to the light saber, one in the middle (or a few depending on length you desire) and one at the tip to close it off.

That said, I think if you found some other object that's already a pipe shape, that's probably better. 3D printed pieces are weak along the grain, so a blade built vertically won't hold up so long. It was just incomplete without it so I included blade files. :D feel free to not use it though, most people don't.

Mini tnealcoolusername commented ago

The blade files seem to be 2 parts in one .stl. Are these parts supposed to be separated? I wasn't able to find any pictures of the blade assembled.

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Mini alpha stigmaChow Loong Jin printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 20151222 003247
Printed on:
Fa70dbec448a6a794bca79640da6f4f1?default=blank&size=40vdubs7er commented ago

@Guilherme Martins Panayotou I believe it's a jig for bending a bit of filament into a D shape.

0738542432568e0f49fc7d8cf38a5ca1?default=blank&size=40Guilherme Martins Panayotou commented ago

how to use dring ?

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D64d71a3bb975b4fe6b227893327e364?default=blank&size=40Houdini7 printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 1064
Printed on:
Printrbot - Printrbot Simple
Needed sanding, but overall a Really nice project!
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Fa70dbec448a6a794bca79640da6f4f1?default=blank&size=40vdubs7er commented ago

As well as my picture below you can just see that I made some changes and added a blade and LED's to make it extra awesome.

Fa70dbec448a6a794bca79640da6f4f1?default=blank&size=40vdubs7er printed this ago
Carousel thumb  sam0193
Printed on:
Printrbot - Assembled Printrbot PLUS
Excellent model, the 14 part lightsaber is well worth the extra time.
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Carousel thumb 12380619 10153685819484088 1681591789 n
Printed on:
Da Vinci 1.0
Turned out great!
6744dc79775515a658602c58f91bfb5a?default=blank&size=40jakehart7 commented ago

Hi Valcrow, thanks for your help.

You are right I do believe that there is something wrong with the Gcode, though I definitely ejected the sd before unplugging it, there could have been an issue with cura at the time of saving so I will have to re save and attempt the print again. I am using cura for the ultimaker 2.

Thank you again for your help. I thoroughly enjoyed building this lightsaber model and awesome work on the CAD files Its great to have something to print without supports for once!

29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

@jakehart7 This sounds more like something is wrong with your Gcode, did you eject your SD card before you unplugged it or at least waited a few seconds after copying? What slicer and printer are you using?

This is the first I've heard of a part causing that kind of issue so it is more likely that it's something wrong with your setup. Model issues usually cause flaws in the print, but not weird behavior like that.

6744dc79775515a658602c58f91bfb5a?default=blank&size=40jakehart7 commented ago

I have reason to believe that the stand file is corrupt in some way, after completing the main surface area the print head moves itself to the back of the print area and starts to ooze filament towards the print object.

After stopping the print and attempting to restart the print head appears to be clogged and filament does not extrude like it once did.

Is anyone else having this issue?

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Makerqear - M2 3D Printer- Kit
Currently unpainted. Results are very nice.
Design is great, except every tolerance seemed tight. Lots of filing needed for the connectors and switch/pin to work. The connectors would be less fragile if they didn't have a hole down the middle. Couldn't tighten the clamp with the spacers in place, but they turned out to be unnecessary. Core must be printed in ABS, PETG, or similar semi-rigid material; PLA was just too brittle.
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Printrbot - Printrbot Simple Assembled
Very easy to print with no modifications or support.
The designer of this model demonstrated many little tricks and good ideas. This design has raised the bar of what can be done with 3D printing.
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Very well designed build. Easy print, easy assembly and great painting instructions.
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NW RepRap - Prusa Mendel Iteration 2 Complete Kit
This print was very succesful and it was really fun to print. There was some sanding required, but great job on Ultimakers part
Maybe try and decrease the size in some parts so there is no sanding required and try putting slots for LED's in the handle.
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MendelMax 1.5
can't complain
different PLA leftovers, airbrushed and sealed. mostly 0.25 mm layer height and 0.4mm nozzle. some parts 0.5mm nozzle and 0.3 mm layer height.
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Pretty OK
Printed in ABS. Followed the given instructions for the most part. First weathered paint-job.
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