Steampunk Iron Man Hand

Steampunk Iron Man Hand. no fasteners required. First iteration. Work in progress, feel free to contribute!


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While many of the printable prosthesis designs have come a long way in proving it's function. They still have a long way to go in aesthetics. This iteration focuses on building upon that base but making it more creative, fun and acceptable to children to alleviate the psychological stress of having to use a prosthesis.

This is a first version. Most of the aesthetic and base structure is complete. A level of refinement & revision towards the function and usability is required. Future improvements include: variable finger tension, rotatable thumb. 

Printing requirements:

You will require 5 "turrets" for each string

4 sets of the finger parts. (all fingers use the same part) except for the thumb which has it's own 2 joint set.

the stretchy cord should be tied to the circle to keep it flush in the system.

To assemble the top piece, press the corner furthest away from the thumb first.

Very tight tolerances. Make sure you test 1 set of finger joints for tolerance first before you begin. The skin should be tight enough on the internal part that they shouldn't slide around. This is essential to keep the pins in.

Please feel free to iterate and improve on this design.



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Printed on:
prusa i3
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I'm having problems running the following through slicer:

Panel_left, Thumb C01/C02 and Finger Thumb J02 Int. It looks like these may have broken vertices in them but I am not clever enough to fix them. Has anyone got any better versions of the stls that they have fixed?

Thanks in advance

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Guys, very cool..... I want to print it , but the size small.....on the hand of my child are not appropriate. You need 1.5 - 2 cm more...

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Carousel thumb knob attempt
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ultimaker 2
Haven't printed, just wanted to illustrate my comment in case it makes any sense.
4ba2e237b0a4399c46f754fd9ca40589?default=blank&size=40Teck Hao Tea commented ago


I agree, it has to keep looking that cool :)

Just thinking out loud : it shouldn't imply a big design change if the TURRET was a 2 section part (knob + threaded section) with the latter section a bit shorter and if the holes on the CONTROLPANEL (right below the "threads") were larger. The mod would be completed with a spring (maybe something made of flex) between each TURRET and the CONTROL PANEL and also a retention ring (that goes between the knob and the threaded section of the TURRET) that turns freely.

The idea would be to be able turn the knob CW to tighten the flexsors, doing so the threads would push the TURRET deeper. Once done the spring and the retention ring would prevent the TURRET from turning the other way. Basically if there was no tension cord the knob could be able to turn CW endlessy.

Of course that means the 2 sections of the TURRET would have to be glued with the retention ring in between and then the ring would have to be glued on the CONTROLPANEL.

Erm... makes sense to me but I don't know if it's cleary explained or not :/

Fdead0a7118f944d82e41e62e10cae3f?default=blank&size=40Kildare Castro commented ago

Valcrow, look my screenshot:

The parts with problem are

Wrist controlpanel Turret

Wheel Holder Stick



Thank you very much

29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago


Yes, the turrets have a slight turn to the 'threads' so that the tension will provide a small amount of force downwards (assuming you wound the string the right way) In most cases, this along with the tolerance will keep the turrets in place. However, it does pop off sometime so having it REALLY tight would be better. There is a slight flaw in the design where the turret HOLDER is a snap in object that could potentially pop forward if there is too much tension. It works in most cases, but not as reliable as a solution as I would like... This part is one part that is WIP status. We were initially thinking of dropping the whole tension thing altogether for the better variable finger tension system with the triangles. But it won't look as cool. :/

@Kildare Castro

Do you know which parts are wrong? most tolerance issues you can fudge by making it 0%-1% larger/smaller, but if there's a big scale difference than that's an issue.

Just a note, this is still very much a WIP even though it looks all finished. Functionally it's not quite there yet. I'll have to figure out how to clean my model enough that it makes sense to non-me. It was modelled in 3Dsmax so it's not entirely cad friendly either.

4ba2e237b0a4399c46f754fd9ca40589?default=blank&size=40Teck Hao Tea commented ago

Hello, I have a question regarding the Wrist turret : looks like you tighten the cords turning the knobs CCW and the Turret itself stays put as long as there is enough tense on the cords is that correct?

Awesome design and paintjob by the way! Thanks!

Fdead0a7118f944d82e41e62e10cae3f?default=blank&size=40Kildare Castro commented ago

Dear Valcrow, i got a problem. Some of STLs files are in a incorrect size. And i can´t imagine what to do to correct that. Can you post the cad files used to create the stl? And that will be a great help for print for a growing child(adjust hand size)

Fdead0a7118f944d82e41e62e10cae3f?default=blank&size=40Kildare Castro commented ago

Amazing Prosthetic! Think i will try and give to a children here, when i am done i will show the pictures for you. Don´t worry i will give the credits for you, just for the kid to remember of where it come from.

Mini meJoris Peels published this design ago