Timber Wolf Skull w/ Jaw Bone by 3DKitbash

This Timber Wolf skull prints support-free and features an articulated jaw bone. If you like this skull, you can find more for purchase on www.3DKitbash.com. Check out our premium 3D-printable models!

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3DKitbash's 'Boneheads Series 2' was successfully funded on Kickstarter May 15, 2015, and to celebrate we are making available this toothy Timber Wolf skull from Boneheads Series 1! Prints free of supports and easily assembles using our patent pending system.

If you like this print, please checkout www.3DKitbash.com! 18 new and redesigned skulls with hinged jaw bones in BONEHEADS Series 2 will be available for purchase on 3DKitbash.com in July 2015. From Goblins to Humpback Whales, there will be something for everyone.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dkitbash/3d-printer-skull-kits-boneheads-series-2-via-3dkit ... Please visit 3DKitbash.com for fun blog posts and other weird stuff you can print at home. ~Q

Materials and methods

-PLA or ABS filament



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