Tire for gardena r40li (or other sizes / Husqvarna)

Replacement tire in flex filament

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Busted (expensive) rubber tpr tire replacement!


Rubber tire broke, new costs 30ish€.
Had an old spool of flex material so poof!, half an hour late, I was printing.

Print settings for old flexpla included in project file.

Tire is for Ø170mm , 35mm wide rim, tight fit.

PS: Welcome r/3dprinting and r/functionalprint !

EDIT 2021: When printing in NINJAFLEX, add some shrinkage in your slicer! (Needed to much CA glue to keep them on. Good schrinkage and a dot of CA glue is desired.

Materials and methods

Sloooow and hot printing with flex material (personally no experience wit current materials).



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