TronXY X5S X-Carriage for MGN12 linear rail

Prusa direct extruder, Petsfang part cooler, E3Dv5 / XCR-BP6 Hot End, matches my Y-Gantry

3D printer parts and enhancements


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Deprecated, upgraded to Hemera and overhauled gantry there:
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This is meant to complement my Y-Gantry (and finally align the belts again):

Detailed description at:

Edit: If you want to print ABS (or other draft-sensitive stuff), you'll need a piece of cardboard as depicted above to block the airflow from the hot end.

Also look at the OpenSCAD code - some details are in the comments there.

Materials and methods

The "Idler" part can be edited via Tinkercad: and was originally made for

You also need the STOCKTRONXY__X5_DUCT_V6.28.stl from

Shouls the counterpart for the drag chain snap, take a look at:



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