Universal Filament Spool Holder

A super smooth spool coaster with bearings that will fit all sizes of spools.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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A super smooth spool coaster with bearings that will fit all sizes of spools.  There are literally thousands of filament spool designs online - this is the one I made.  I decided to share it because it allows me to easily switch spools, it is very smooth, sturdy, and easy to build.

Assembly is press fit. I picked up bearings from a local skate shop and got the metal from Metal Supermarkets cut to length.  All you need to do is lightly smooth the edges of the metal parts and snap the parts together.

Design profile draws influences from the profile of the Printrbot Laser Cut Spool Coaster.

Materials and methods

-2X 5/16" threaded rods ~4 3/16ths Long

-2X Aluminum or SSteel Tubes OD 1" ID 7/8" 3 7/8" Long

-4X 608 bearings

-4X 5/16" Bolts

-4X Silicone Feet (optional)



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Mini logoottomake commented ago

Do 2,5kg spools also fit on the holder? Thanks!

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Nice Design. Clean look. I'll be making some of these for sure.

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Printed on:
Ultimaker 2
Works very well. I would recommend cutting the metal tubing 2-3 mm shorter to avoid having to grind it down.
C21d362df600a2cc4876bf7729ea71fe?default=blank&size=40Groaker commented ago

It looks nice, prints nicely, and appears that it will do the job. Yet it is about 3/16" sort of the width of my widest spool. It might be a good idea to make another, perhaps one wider and longer.

Mini shop photoCameron Watt published this design ago