[V8.0] One/Two-Up Extruder with lever and adjustable tension (E3D support!)

So I can't think of some clever name for the extruder, but hopefully the features make up for it! This extruder is designed for easy loading, easy adjustment, and reliable prints.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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    The current version only allows for mounting with the lever to the left of the stepper motor and drive gear. If you would like to make your extruder with the lever to the right, you an either message me and I will upload those files or you can mirror both main frame pieces along either the x or the y axis and it will work.

    Additionally, people have reported that when this extrder is printed in pla, it is not resistant enough to print at ABS temperatures. If you print the extruder and fan bracket in abs, it should be resistant enough to support abs printing. Also, I would highly recommend printing the fan bracket and running your fan at a minimum of 50% at all times. This will extend the life of your extruder.

    -Secure hot end clamping design
    -Lightweight and low material usage (<30 cm3)
    -Symmetrical (can be mirrored and mounted the other way)
    -Lever for easy loading
    -Filament guides for easy loading
    -Adjustable tension via screw
    -Uses stock spring, bearing, stepper/hobbed bolt, and long bolts
    -Fan bracket
    -New model with E3D hot end support!

    -2x m3 by 10mm bolts
    -2x m3 by 20mm bolt
    -1x m3 hex nut
    -1x m3 by 45mm bolt (optional, to use as forth screw to mount stepper)

    See the Extruder on YouTube here!

    How to put it together

    Print 1 of each piece, and 1 of each desired body. One set is stock for the anubis hot end, and the ones with the E3D are for E3D hot ends. Regardless, you should print a total of 2 normal pieces, 2 reverse pieces, and a small slider piece.

    To assemble:
    Place the bearing on the peg inbetween the two lever pieces. Use a m3x10mm bolt to connect the two pieces.
    Place the spring in the cylindrical groove, and the hex nut in the spot just above it. Put the tension slider piece on the end of the spring on the end closer to the hex nut. NOTE the tensioner slider piece can be replaced with an M3x10mm or shorter socket cap bolt. Just put the length of the bolt into the spring and the end of the M3x20mm bolt will press against the head of the smaller bold that is set in the spring.
    Now, put the lever arm in the large opening and make sure the spring goes in the small indent of the lever arm. The bearing should be near the hole in the main frame piece.
    Put the hot end in the groove and then slide the long screws through. You do not need to put a screw through the top right screw hole (the top one that the lever doesnt go on).
    Use the wood frame pieces as a spacer between the extruder and the stepper. See picture for more details.
    Assembly picture courtesy of defendor!



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