Wacky Inflatable Flailing Eyeball Monster (updated)

Its a crazy wacky inflatable flailing eyeball monster perfect for your tabletop game! This is an updated version of an older file I uploaded here a while back! Print each piece as flat as possible with supports and a brim.


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Mini logo with textMiguel Zavala commented ago

@AnEpicSquirrel Sorry I can't really right now. This site does have everything pretty neatly organized though so at least there is that. Sorry again.

Cf4633c84c54f006d3406cce763c54ae?default=blank&size=40AnEpicSquirrel commented ago

@Harry Baere, that's great! Not to put any more work on you, but is there any chance we can get your vast library of print-ready models in one big ol' zip file on drop-box? I'm not familiar with modelling or editing them, but my work is giving me access to print with their 3D-Printer, so it'd be great to have a handy folder with everything ready at request of my DnD Party!

Thanks again for what you've already done, it's awesome and the creator recommended your page!

Mini logo with textMiguel Zavala commented ago

@AnEpicSquirrel I just checked all the floating models. Looks like they all have the appropriate stands now :-)

Mini logo with textMiguel Zavala commented ago

@AnEpicSquirrel I think most of the monsters that need stands universally use either the medium sized floating stand or the large sized that's in some of them. I found this online though: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kzw6vw1y63nr2q5/AAApEnkrDYgwnPusvRPI2re1a?dl=0

Someone made a zip and uploaded them. Maybe that can help.

Cf4633c84c54f006d3406cce763c54ae?default=blank&size=40AnEpicSquirrel commented ago

@Harry Baere, I'm a fan of his work too :)

Thanks for making his models easier to print! Some of your zips don't have stands, just as an FYI. Could you perhaps upload the various stands themselves in a zip to negate having to go through each monster to see if they have it? Especially since they seem to be labeled so clearly :P

Mini logo with textMiguel Zavala commented ago

@AnEpicSquirrel Nah just a fan :-)

Cf4633c84c54f006d3406cce763c54ae?default=blank&size=40AnEpicSquirrel commented ago

@Harry Baere, thanks! Keep up the great work. I assume you're also mz4250?

Mini logo with textMiguel Zavala commented ago

@AnEpicSquirrel Oops no it isn't. I just uploaded it :-)

Cf4633c84c54f006d3406cce763c54ae?default=blank&size=40AnEpicSquirrel commented ago

Is the base included for this? I'm not seeing it in the files list.

3c610f9ed8fa992fbd05ad2faf2b2e94?default=blank&size=40Carl Vogt added this to the DND collection ago
Mini logo with textMiguel Zavala published this design ago