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Hi everyone! We are Tegs and Shin from Canuprintit! Two vidéo game lovers from France with a terrible accent. 。(^▽^)ゞ We try to make 3D models inspired by our favorite games and make silly videos about our journey through the steep path that is 3D printing! We'd love you to join us if you wish! I'll post some of our 3D models here so you guys can try them out too and tell us how to improve! I'd love to get better at making models that don't require too much cleaning afterward, so Tegs doesn't have to sand for a million hours! Anyway, I can't wait to try and model or print more stuff! Have a great day! Tegs and Shin from Canuprintit!


3D printing, Marvelous Designer, Maya, etsy, zbrush

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    Ultimaker 2 Extended

    Canuprintit two beloved 3D printers

    We got two of those and we love them so much!!