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My name is Dale E. Licon. I love a sitting position that allows me to relax and not care about the possibility of forgetting the next day. I like to ride my bike to the cottage, and then jump into the ocean. I am not a fan of being interrupted. I like to watch my favorite movies, I find them at https://theflix.to/tvs/trending/soap, there are a lot of new releases as well as movies from years past. I love watching films on the mattress. But, I don't like the interruptions to my entertainment by making rude requests. My brother also asks me to play when I am working on my computer. I'm not happy when strangers request me to join their circle on social media. I like playing with my Dachshunds. I like running along the trails of the cottage. I also strive to run as silently as I can! I am a fan of cleanliness, however, I'm not the type of person who likes to clean it up. I love to listen to music that I like. I love rain, when it's raining outside, I am warm and calm at heart. I love the golden autumn it's a pleasure to walk through the streets and hear the vibrant leaves beneath my feet. I love summer because it is the most enjoyable time of the year. In the end, you get to swim! I love riding my bike and choosing a different route every time I ride. I love to talk. I love to talk with people about subjects that interest me. I love talking with my mom about her childhood. I also enjoy getting together with my family for some holiday, then we enjoy ourselves and socialize. One of the reasons why I enjoy winter is that it's above. It is a season when many holidays are celebrated and also an opportunity to see our families more frequently. I love taking various trips. Through these trips, we learn more about each other. I love editing videos, it's my hobby. Editing videos is a pastime of mine. I edit in order to make it better. After that, I publish my work. I want to be acknowledged. I love writing essays about my family. Finding out about my relatives is the thing I enjoy most about this particular process. We typically do this with my mom. We talk a lot with her about the things that would happen if that person were gone. Let me explain to you what I don’t like. I don't like to read books... When I was a kid and they read to me, and I would listen with delight! And when I grew up I realized that for some reason I don't want to open a book. I don't like tomatoes. Everyone asks me when I eat tomato ketchup. I don't really know the answer myself. I'm also allergic to fish! It makes me sick just by the smell! Although we don't like many items, there are certain things that need to be taken care of. My life is comprised of both dislikes and likes.
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