The oldest design from my line of 3D printable railway set


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Please note that this locomotive is obsolete model now and for the compatibility with the rest of my "Euroreprap Railroad Collection/System" you should obtain up-to-date models available here: www.euroreprap.eu

OK, so that's what happens when your kids ask you to make a "like no other" locomotive for them :)

Now you can make one for yourself if you have just basic 3D printer! The complete set of printable 3D parts (STL files) is ment to be easy to handle.

The model is suited for printing on a smaller working area machines (for bed areas below 15x15 cm please contact me first to obtain adequate files set on order).
Doesn't need any support while being printed.
For better fit some parts may need delicate sanding before applying glue.
Wheel axles are recomended to be made of 1.5mm steel wire. Hinges work very well with 1,75 filament insets.
You can skip file "Diesel01_part_A5.stl" if you don't need motor.

Have fun :)
I'd be happy to hear any comments and questions regarding this one!

Higher res. photos can be found here:

PS 1: dimensions of fully assembled model:

PS 2: Assembly explanation pdf is now freely available:

PS 3: Various "Lego type" tracks are also available freely for download & printing nowadays.. e.g. here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:26734

PS 4: You can make this model match one of popular market track sizes (32mm), by scaling it down with 0.847 factor before printing.

The rules of license you buy purchasing this 3D model are:
1.You are allowed to prepare physical objects based on this digital 3D model in a number reflecting your personal, non-commercial needs.
2.You are NOT allowed to use this digital 3D model as an element of any commercial activity.
3.You are allowed to do what you like with the produced objects: e.g. exhibit, sell, but with regard to [1].

Materials and methods

The model is optimized for support-free FDM 3Dprinting.
The good settings are 0.2mm or 0.15mm layer; ABS (or PLA), speeds around 40 mm/s


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    Diesel01 By Euroreprap Eu
    ZIP  –  22 mb
    Version 1 - Feb 03, 2017


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Thx, that worked :D

Here the Link again which should work now here as well.

the "_" was missing at the 01 ;)

Seems that YM is killing them always out of the link.

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To be precise:


In the above product's description you'll find working link.

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Nope, sorry, always Error 404.

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Not better...

Please visit Euroreprap.eu


There is also a product page there with free download of this pdf.

Here on YM the underscore signs get removed and it makes links unusable. - Sorry

A5cf00e2d64601a89393a37acd9f0609?default=blank&size=40euroreprap_eu commented ago
A5cf00e2d64601a89393a37acd9f0609?default=blank&size=40euroreprap_eu commented ago

Excuse me for non-working link

That's strange..

This one is just checked to be working:


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He there :D

Awesome train, thx for sharing.

But the link to the assembly is not working :(

Can you please fix it.



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