3D Printer Feet

Ornamental 3D printer feet in a classical animal paw design.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Ornamental 3D printer feet in a classical animal paw design. Thing Files include: Left and right feet for Ulimaker2 (either foot can simply be mirrored using software to create its counterpart) Editable / Remixable versions. This is the same design but without the slots to accommodate Ultimaker2 Available in the following formats: STL, obj, max, 3DS or DWG.
UPDATE: There was an error with the files for remix versions, I've now updated the these files which should stove the problem.



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ultimaker 2+
Very good!
Great design and idea!
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Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
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Love this!

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I'll check my download here tonight. I wanted to print these this week.

5fd08096b950d188364dab4e28beaa30?default=blank&size=40EldRick commented ago

Unfortunately, this has defects in the STL file that make it unprintable. Cura and Kisslicer can't print it correctly, and neither Netfabb nor any other tool I've tried will correct the errors.

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Very cool! I'll have to try these!

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