Cagiva raptor chain slider

To replace genuine one, that is ou of production


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First attemps was print in Nylon, to prevent from friction.
Next one will be in Ninjaflex to get the softness of the genuine one.

Beware of the autoscal option on ultimaker, it makes me make one version too small.....

If you print it and see some mistake, please advise me, so I can correct it.



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49569fad2572d778c120857e3ce455b5?default=blank&size=40Wilco1V commented ago

hoi gilbert666

ik heb de cad file voor mijn motor kettinggeleider ,deze heeft een kleine

aanpassing in de midden nodig ,kun je mij daar mee helpen ?

hi gilbert666

i do have the cad file for my chainslider but it need some adjustment to

fit in the middle section ,could you help me with that issue


contact me : wilco.Cwx(at)

2018-08-20 9:59 GMT+02:00 YouMagine - Supercomputer <>:

006ec0e59e81627389f958bbb9fb118a?default=blank&size=40gilbert666 commented ago


As I don't have a Navigator, I can't realy help you to design the chain glider. I remember seeing some drawing on the web years ago.

Regarding the material, TPU is good in abarasion resistance, and is oil resistant too.It is available to 3D printing, so it could be a good option. It is only harder to print in TPU than in PLA or Nylon.

Designing it "Flat" is easier, but the part could be too big to be printed on standard 3D printer.

Designing it "mounted" (as I did) is a bit harder but make printing possible on a Ultimaker for example.

I print mine in Nylon, only because I had this material in stock. I finally never use it because I find a new chain glider on an italian website.

But when it will be too old, I will have to use the printed one ;-)

Let me know if you print one and if you are satisfied by the results!

You can find on CAD file (but very expensive..) here, maybe it can inspire you:

49569fad2572d778c120857e3ce455b5?default=blank&size=40Wilco1V commented ago

hope to reach you this way

Nice design

can you help me improve cad design, chainslider cagiva gran canyon/navigator

my research point me to material tpu95a

thanx wilco.cwx

006ec0e59e81627389f958bbb9fb118a?default=blank&size=40gilbert666 published this design ago