Crawler 4320 - 1/10 RC BODY

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Crawler 4320 - 1/10 RC BODY

By Ian Jim

UPDATE: There is now a "High Clearance Version" of the 4320 Single Cab included made specifically for the TRX4 and TRX6, which allows for more space for the shifting servo and rear diff lock servo. If you find the cab hitting the chassis, this will also allow for more space to clear the chassis and its components.

Likewise if you are planning to use the 4320 DC Expedition Cab with the 4320 Single Cab on a TRX4 chassis, we've also included mounts to make that work. Please note that the mounts will only work for the TRX4's 324mm wheelbase. (i.e. TRX4 Sport or other 313mm wheelbases will not fit using these mounts)



Similar to the “Crawler 4320 DUAL CAB” RC body, this one also comes with many accessories and addons. Most of the accessories are shared with the Dual Cab and are therefore cross compatible. The 4320 was originally designed to use a 6x6 drivetrain, however this body is ambiguous so it works for both the 6x6 and 4x4 chassis.

If the 4x4 chassis is selected, then a wheelbase of 420mm with tyre height of 120mm and tyre to tyre width of 230mm should be used for true scale proportions. This being a single cab rather than a double, the standard 313mm or 12.3in wheelbase will not look too out of place.

Scale drawn diagrams of 420mm, 353mm, and 313mm wheelbases are uploaded to help you decide which wheelbase is suitable for your build. 

In order to use the 4320 single cab body with this Expedition Cab (sold separately), a minimal wheelbase of 324mm is recommended. 313mm will make the front wheel very close to the fender when turning. However it will physically fit. Scale diagrams for those are also shown in the pictures. Please note that you will still need to design and use your own mounts when building this configuration.


With a 6x6 chassis, it would look like a standard “4320” off road truck. We’ve included a scale drawn diagram for Traxxas’s TRX-6 wheelbase. 


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