Crawler 4320 6x6 Expedition Cab - 1/10 RC body attachment

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Crawler 4320 6x6 Expedition Cab - 1/10 RC body attachment

By Ian Jim

UPDATE: We've now included a high clearance version of the expedition cab wall to help clear the shifting and rear diff lock servo for the TRX6 chassis.


Built a 6x6 Crawler 4320 or planning to? This is the perfect match! The 6x6 Expedition Cab add-on attachment is just a variant of the popular DC Expedition Cab (for the Crawler 4320 Dual Cab), but built for a 6x6 chassis. (Truck body is sold separately here and here)


The wheelbase is designed for use with Traxxas’ TRX6 platform, i.e. 324mm from front to middle axle, and 130mm from middle axle to rear axle. It is also designed for use with the Crawler 4320 Single Cab for this wheelbase. For convenience TRX6 mounts are also included. The rearmost mount will still need a bit of DIY work as it is meant to be used with a SCX10 ii style rear bumper mount, bolted onto the TRX6 chassis. It may also be required to cut and trim the front wall of the expedition cab to prevent clearance issues. (see pictures)

However it is also possible to use the Crawler 4320 Dual Cab with the 6x6 expedition cab, where the wheelbase will need to be 415mm from front to middle axle, and 130mm from middle to rear axle. Either way, it will be a stunning and a truly unique build! 

As for physical dimensions, the 6x6 Expedition Cab and the Expedition Long Cab are the same. But compared to the standard 420mm wheelbase 4x4 configuration for our trucks, the rear axle on a 6x6 is further back. This means departure angle has improved and the same goes for breakover angle due to the middle axle being closer to the front.

As with the Crawler 4320 DC Expedition Cab and the Expedition Long Cab, they all share the same features.

Designed with a ton of details, and 5 slots for cab LED sidelights with lenses, which uses 3mm LED lights. The tail lights are also functional with six 5mm LED lights.

Another feature included is the true functioning door latches for the side and rear double doors. The door latches simply lock and unlock the doors so you won’t have to devise your own door latching system. Hinges are not included though as they will need to be metal to take the beating on the trail.

External compartment lids are included, which means you can actually store things in them providing hinges and an internal storage area is fabricated or sourced. 2 more compartments have been added for more space to put things. 

Small details such as the 2 side vents, external power socket and mock hinges are also designed to make the cab look as realistic as possible.

Accessories for mounting onto the rear wall are also provided, and are modular. This means you will be able to switch the accessories around and mount them how you like.

There are 22 cab side window openings, which allow you to mount 8 pieces of clear polycarbonate sheets to simulate the windows. Also a big sunroof! This will no doubt give the suite more natural sunlight.

Last but not least, the roof rails are also fixed in place with M3 screws, meaning they will be strong, allowing you to tie things down onto it, such as our truly extensive range of overlanding accessories!


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